Cordless hair clipper

A cordless hair clipper offers the freedom and flexibility to trim and maintain your own hair, without having to rely on an electrical outlet. The REVAHS© hair clipper is a high-quality, cordless hair clipper designed for home and professional use, available in ClipperOne and ClipperTwo types. With a long-lasting battery, 4 free attachments, an LCD display and high-quality precision blades, this is the perfect tool for a comfortable and close shave.

The professional hair clipper with wireless convenience

If you are looking for a professional hair clipper that offers you all the conveniences without the hassle of cables, then wireless shaving with REVAHS is the perfect solution for you. With our hair clippers, you don't have to worry about the restrictive effect of the cable and you can move freely while you work. The professional hair clipper offers the same powerful cutting performance as a corded hair clipper, but with the added convenience of cordless use. Long battery life allows you to continue working undisturbed without interruptions, while the high-quality blades ensure a smooth, precise and professional shave.

The features of the cordless hair clipper from REVAHS

The REVAHS cordless hair clipper has a number of remarkable features that distinguish it from other hair clippers on the market. Firstly, the cordless hair clipper has a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery that, depending on the type of ClipperOne or ClipperTwo , lasts between 3 and 4 hours. In addition, the REVAHS © hair clipper has a handy LCD screen to check the battery status at any time. And with the included attachment combs you can adjust the cordless hair clipper for different hair types and lengths, from 3 to 25 mm. In addition, the hair clipper is of heavier weight, which makes it feel sturdy and comfortable in the hand. In short, a suitable choice for a comfortable shave with optimal precision.

Tips for using the cordless hair clipper

Here are some tips for using the REVAHS® ClipperOne or ClipperTwo cordless hair clipper:

  • Clean the clipper before and after use: Remove all loose hair and use the cleaning brush to remove any dirt and dust residue. It is also recommended to oil the blades of your cordless hair clippers with a special hair clipper oil after each shave. This keeps the blades sharp and extends the life of your clippers.
  • Use the correct comb attachment: Depending on the desired length of the hair, choose the correct comb attachment. Using the wrong comb attachment can lead to unwanted hair lengths. 4 different attachment combs are included. And with the Pro Accessory Set you can expand it with 4 additional different attachment combs.
  • Hold the cordless hair clipper correctly: Hold the device firmly and move it gently over the hair. To avoid skin irritation, do not hold the clippers too close to the skin.
  • Trim the hair in the direction of hair growth: This prevents skin irritation and gives an even result.
  • Charge the battery before use: Make sure the battery is fully charged before using the cordless hair clipper. This ensures better performance and extends the life of the battery.

With these tips you can make the most of the REVAHS® ClipperOne or ClipperTwo cordless hair clipper and enjoy a comfortable, precise and professional shave.

Cordless hair clipper; even if you are a hairdresser

A cordless hair clipper is not only useful for home use, but also for professional use in the hair salon. With the cordless hair clipper you have more freedom of movement and you don't have to worry about the length of the cord. Due to the wide choice of attachments, the ClipperOne and ClipperTwo are suitable for hair lengths from 3 to 12 mm. This makes trimming and shaving the hair a lot more precise, easier and more comfortable. In addition, the cordless hair clipper is also useful for hairdressers who work on location, for example at customers' homes or on a film set. With a powerful battery and high-quality precision blades, the cordless hair clipper from REVAHS® is a reliable and durable choice for professional hairdressers.

Frequently asked questions about our cordless hair clippers

1. Can I use the cordless hair clipper to trim my beard?

Yes, the cordless hair clipper can also be used to trim your beard. The device comes with attachment combs in different lengths, allowing you to set and trim the desired beard length.

2. How can I clean the professional cordless hair clipper?

It is important to clean the cordless clipper after every shave. Remove the attachment combs and then use the included cleaning brush to clean the blades. Make sure not to immerse the professional cordless hair clipper in water as this may damage the internal parts.